Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Models Needed

OwlToast will be looking for SL models.  I am looking for a few unique personalities for this project.
Here what I am looking for:
  • Most be at least 1 year old. 
  • Have a good skin or willing to change skins. 
  • Have an original "urban" look. 
  • Looking for AVERAGE size people, NO one 7 ft. tall 
  • Tattoos and piercing are a most. 
  • Have a good amount of different colors and variety of hair.
Please DO NOT go shopping for this and pay for a professional photographer. Trust I can tell. I can not guarantee that everyone will get the job and I do not want people pretending to be something they are not. I do at random check profiles, invite to parties and in general hangout. I want a personal relationship with the models, not just hire and send you on your way. 

If interested please copy/paste this and place in a notecard and send to Sutha Stoop or Mindy Scribe.

OwlToast Model Application.

Avi Info
Avi Name:
Day Rezzed:
How many hours a week can you be available to chat in the group (Baby Talk Sucks)? Doesnt have to be about OwlToast.. can be any topic. Just keep the chat youthful and everyone friendly.

best Headshot
Side view
Full Body view
Any other random fun Pictures
Any pictures you may have done for other modeling jobs.

SL personal
Have you ever modeled? (does not matter if you never have)
Favorite skin company?
Are you single or partnered or dating?
*If partnered or dating would your significant other allow almost nude pictures to be taken of you?
*If single would you be willing to take almost naked photos?
*Would you be comfortable taking almost naked photos with same sex avi?
Would you be willing to change your shape or skin for the photo?

*These photos are very rare with OwlToast photos but I like to know who is willing and who isnt. Its not something that is a most for this.. so if your uncomfortable that fine to.

RL Personal

I know for some this is a touchy subject. Some of these are optional while other are mandatory. A * means optional.

* RL name:
RL age:
Favorite RL band?
RL relationship status?
If in a relationship is naked photos (SL AVI) a NO to the other person?
Time Zone
Are you on SL during the AM or the PM of Sl hours?
Are you on SL alot or very rarely?
How many hours during the week can you devote to modeling?

Thanks for the interest. Please rename notecard Owltoast Models [NAME HERE] and send back to Sutha Stoop

***All models hired will get a paid rate based on experience and availability. Also when hired does not mean I will use you for every photo. All the models that model anything for OwlToast will get to keep all items in the photo.

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